The following outcomes are foreseen:

  1. a sectoral framework based on agreed cycle / level descriptors covering the levels 3 to 8 of the EQF for LLL;
  2. report containing detailed information about formal, non formal and informal secondary education level identifying the main progression routes from the levels 3 to 6 at national level (app. 30 countries) as well as a comparison at European level (identification of differences and communalities);
  3. a proposal for (ECTS) credit ranges for the EQF for LLL levels 3 to 6 in correlation with the ECVET initiative;
  4. report containing a description of communalities of the four sectoral frameworks, including proposals to bridge the Dublin cycle descriptors and the descriptors of the EQF for LLL. It is the intention to combine the two frameworks;
  5. establishment of subject area based working groups for main academic fields not yet covered by the Tuning project.
  6. Identification of cross border areas and/or areas overarching different fields of study.